Medium Classic Graze

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Served on a Wooden Reusable Entertaining Board

Serves: 4-7


Artisan Cheeses
Cured Meat
Local Honey
Artisan Crackers
Gourmet Nuts
Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Veggies
Flowers and Fresh Herbs
Dried and Candied Fruits
Seasonal Accompaniments

*Please specify if you have allergies to any of the following and we will customize your board to fit your needs. Products may be goat, sheep or cow depending on the season and availability. If you don’t prefer goat, sheep or cow, just let us know.
*Any substitutions are subject to a price change to reflect cost of goods substituted

Serving sizes are appetizer portions – if you are wanting your board to serve as a meal, you should consider sizing up.

We do not recommend consuming florals.

Please be sure you choose a pickup or delivery time as close to the time of your event as possible. Graze boards should not sit out for more than 1 hour at room temperature before the start time of your event.

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