Harvest Vegan Crudité Board

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Indulge in the vibrant flavors of our fresh Harvest Vegan Crudité Board, a tantalizing assortment of locally sourced delights perfect for any occasion.  Crafted with love and care, our cruelty-free culinary masterpiece features an array of seasonal and locally farmed vegetables, hand-picked herbs, and delicate fresh flowers, all artfully arranged to please both the palate and the eye.

Savor the crisp crunch of farm-fresh carrots, cucumber spears, and colorful bell peppers, paired with the subtle sweetness of cherry tomatoes and the earthy richness of sugar snap peas. Dip into an enticing selection of vegan-friendly sauces and spreads, each bursting with flavor and free from animal products.

Our Medium board is ideal for intimate gatherings, while the Large offers an abundance of goodness perfect for larger parties or sharing with a group of friends. Whether you’re hosting a soirée, enjoying a picnic in the sun, or simply treating yourself to a moment of culinary delight, our Vegan Crudité Board promises an experience that’s both nourishing and unforgettable.

Join us in celebrating the bounty of the season with our fresh Harvest Vegan Crudité Board. Elevate your gatherings, support local farmers, and delight in the freshness of plant-based goodness. After all, good taste knows no bounds – and neither should your culinary adventures.

Please be sure you choose a pickup or delivery time as close to the time of your event as possible. Graze boards should not sit out for more than 1 hour at room temperature before the start time of your event.

Be sure to inquire about the inclusion of the selections in our fresh Harvest Vegan Crudite Board as part of our Grazing Tables or including them in your Catering Event.

*Pro Tip: Did you know, the word Crudites means “raw things”, from Middle French from the Latin word cruditatem from crudus “rough, not cooked, raw, bloody”.  The term was first used in English circa 1960.

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